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Giang Chau Co., Ltd

We are a company specialize in gasoline and diesel generators from 2kva to 2500kva, agricultural machines and marine engines.
With a team of good engineers and skill technicians, You will completely satisfy with our products and the mainternance services.

Company Type: Manufacturer

Main Products and Service: Generating Sets;Agricultural Engines;Industrial Equipment And Marine Diesel Engines

Annaul Business Volume: Below US$1 Million

Target Market: Southeast Asia,

Number of Staff: 11 – 50 People

Year to Start: 2000

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Detail Information

Contact Person: Mr. Hoang Phu

Street Address: 11C Le Sao Street, Phu Thanh Ward, Tan Phu Dist

City: Ho Chi Minh City

Province/State: Other

Country/Region: Vietnam

Mobile Phone Number: 84 918606026

Telephone Number: 84-8-9782241

Fax Number: 84-8-9163590

Website URL: http://www.giangchau.com

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