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Glolite Corporation

Glolite corporation is the primary company selling 'glolite' brand light fittings, fixtures n accessories. 'glolite' brand has been ruling the lighting industry in india since 1958. We have the entire range of lightings including fluorescent, hpmv, hpsv, metal halide, CFL, made to order fittings, etc. Accessories includes ignitors, chokes – fluroescent, hpsv, hpmv, metal halide, CFL, electronic, inbuilt controlgear chokes, etc.
We are also all india distributors for m/s hunter kenroy lighting, u. S. A. All their products n much more can be seen once u visit our website. Do contact us for any kind of light fittings n we assure u of best quality, competetive price, timely deliveries n prompt after sales service after all we do not take lihgting lightly!

Company Type: Trading Company

Main Products and Service: Glolite brand light fittings, fixtures acessories

Target Market: Southeast Asia

Year to Start: 1997

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Detail Information

Contact Person: Mr. PARESH DANI

Street Address: 5, Dhan Bhavan, Gazder Street, Chira Bazar, Mumbai-400002

City: Mumbai

Province/State: Maharashtra

Country/Region: India

Mobile Phone Number: 9820144725

Telephone Number: 91-022-56364070

Fax Number: 91-022-22064350

Website URL: http://www.glolitecorp.com

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