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Some specialist in the field of special purpose fasteners had established our company to produce better quality fasteners in 1988, and continuous renewal and developments of fasteners to be the top in this field made us the best in domestic and well known to overseas.
With our specialized technology, have been successfully supplied our products to the various fields of industrial facilities, nuclear power plants, shipbuilding, on / off-shore structures, etc. widely at home and abroad work-sites.
With our good references and superior technology, could get approval of "parts supplier" and supplied our products to nuclear power plants of Kori, Wolsung, Yeongkwang, Uljin, and many other on going plants. Also, chosen as the best fastener supplier from world major shipbuilders get approval of supplier on LNG terminal and appointed as self inspection supplier on many plants and off-shore. We are supplying qualified products, especially, to Southeast and Middle East Asian countries through continuous quality improving activities.
Wide range of technical data, many experience and know-how of our technician, tight quality control on every piece of product, rapid mobility to treat customers time as a gold piece, all of these uncountable property of our company shall be great benefits for our long term customers.
We, Hwasung Fasteners Co., Ltd. , wish to be a your best supporter making every effort for customer's satisfaction in the rapid changing business circumstances.

Company Type: Manufacturer, Other

Main Products and Service: Bolt,Nut

Annaul Business Volume: US$5 Million – US$10 Million

Target Market: North America;South America;Eastern Europe;Southeast Asia;Africa;Oceania;Mid East;Eastern Asia;Western Europe<

Number of Staff: 11 – 50 People

Year to Start: 1988

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Detail Information

Contact Person: Mr. Ilbong Won

Street Address: # 275, Soju-dong

City: Yangsan City

Province/State: Gyeongsangnam-do

Country/Region: South Korea

Telephone Number: 82-55-3663456

Fax Number: 82-55-3663459

Website URL: http://www.hsbolt.co.kr

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