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Molochniy Doctor, Trade Group

Trade Group "Molochniy Doctor" is a manufacturer, trading company and exporter of the following dairy products:

- skim milk powder (SMP), fat < 1.5%
- whole milk powder (WMP) / full cream milk powder (FCMP), fat > 25%
- dry cream, fat 42%
- whey powder, fat < 2%
- anhydrous milk fat, 99.8%
- sweet cream butter, fat 82.5%
- hard cheeses.

Quality according to Ukrainian National Standard DSTU and GOST.
Accreditation of trade marks: Nestle, Kraft foods and Danone.
Certification ISO 9001:2000, ISO 9001:2008; ISO 22000:2005.

Company Type: Manufacturer, Trading Company

Main Products and Service: whole milk powder,skim milk powder,dry cream,whey powder,hard cheese

Target Market: Eastern Europe;Southeast Asia;Africa;Mid East;Eastern Asia;Western Europe;

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Detail Information

Contact Person: Ms. Yuliya Barabanshikova

Street Address: Lenin Ave. , 151a

City: Zaporozhye

Province/State: Other

Country/Region: Ukraine

Telephone Number: 380-50-3222282

Fax Number: 380

Website URL: http://moldoc.com.ua

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