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XL Energy Distributions Ltd.

XL Energy Drink was born in year 2000. The brand became an immediate success and export operations followed shortly. Nowadays, more than 100 million cans per year are consumed worldwide.
Our ambition is to be a leading brand in the energy drinks, providing good mood for fun, adventure, and mind work to millions of consumers worldwide.

Company Type: Manufacturer

Main Products and Service: XL, Energy, Drink

Target Market: North America;South America;Eastern Europe;Southeast Asia;Africa;Mid East;Western Europe;

Year to Start: 2000

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Detail Information

Contact Person: Mr. Sales Department

Street Address: 3 Michael Koutsofta Street

City: Limassol, Cyprus

Province/State: Other

Country/Region: Poland

Telephone Number: 48-22-839 75 99

Fax Number: 48-22-433 53 39

Website URL: http://www.xl-energy.com

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